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Skin Care Lotions


L-W-O Community is proud to be associated with the self-care movement and is thrilled to be associated with the Self-Care Forum. 


How do we relate this to living with lymphoedema?

This page is a brief look at all the ways you can help yourself when living with lymphoedema or any other long-term condition. We know that at this moment in time lymphoedema is incurable, however let us focus on the positive aspects. 


Lymphoedema can be managed and treated we passionately believe in supported self-care, sadly this is not always available on the NHS to those of us who live with this condition. Not only will L-W-O show you how you can improve your life through daily routines we will explain the reasoning and the 'why'. 

Facial Wash

Skincare is one of the most important aspects of self-care for lymphoedema.  The goal for those of us living with lymphoedema is to prevent infection entering our bodies through our skin, and to stop our skin becoming dry and flaky. Which is why it is important to wash our skin daily, dry ourselves carefully and moisturise every day.  Check for breaks in the skin caused by cuts, bites, or scratches. Read more ...


You have now been diagnosed with lymphoedema the next step will be for you to see a lymphoedema therapist.  If your lymphoedema is in your arm or leg, then you will be measured for a compression garment which will help to keep your swelling under control.

Read more ...

bandages legs and manual lymphatic drainage massage for a patient with swelling effect
Fun Together

In 2015 L-W-O Community took a conscious decision not to use the word ‘exercise’ and this has been quite a challenge because everyone else uses the word ‘exercise’.  Why do this?  Our members who have leg or foot lymphoedema really struggle with getting around and telling them exercise would help to improve their condition, does not help their mental health, and creates more stress.  Read more ...

Healthy Eating

There is no specific diet for lymphoedema the choice is yours.  Weight control is essential because it has been suggested that the extra fatty tissue affects the lymphatic channels, reducing the flow of fluid through them.  Read more...

Healthy Morning
Meditation Hand Gesture

Do any of us spend enough time just taking care of ourselves?  Do we take the time to connect with nature, or be mindful of ourselves?  Do we know when to relax and when we need to be with others.  We are all different, we all have different needs but do find time for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Read more...

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