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L-W-O Community support group often discusses how weather affects our lymphoedema, so we are going to look at the seasons. Each season can bring its own challenges.  Spring is time to shake of the winter blues, Summer a time to avoid those pesky insects and try to keep cool.  Autumn can bring depression as the light fades and the nights draw in, do connect with nature connect with the warm glows of oranges and reds and watch the trees change colour.  Winter is the time to stop our skin chaffing from the cold while enjoying the joys that Christmas can bring. Check out each season for tips and advice to help you with your lymphoedema.

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The clocks go forward and from March to May we jump into Spring. This is the time of year to have a clear out.  Time to shake off the winter blues, change routines and improve our lifestyle. We know that stress is not good for lymphoedema. While we lose an hour’s sleep, we gain much needed daylight a good reason to open curtains and windows to let in all the natural light and fresh air. A great mood booster which makes us feel happier.



Summer a time when warm or hot weather can seriously affect our lymphoedema causing swelling to increase. A time to be extra vigilant with skincare, protecting your skin from insect bites and sunburn. Staying hydrated and however hot it gets keep wearing your compression. Read more...

Autumn Pond


The changing seasons of the autumn bring warm colours of orange and rust.  As the nights draw in 'winter blues' can set in follow are selfcare tips, find out how you can take care of yourself.  Read more...


When the weather gets colder wind, dry air from central heating and low humidity can make your skin, dry flaky and itchy. Read more...

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